PostHeaderIcon Weakness and failure of the left ventricle

Weakness and failure of the left ventricle

Weakness and failure of the left ventricle leads to stagnation of blood pressure increases in the left atrium and the pulmonary circulation. Under the influence of high pressure in the pulmonary and left atrium during diastole the left ventricle fills hard. Moreover, if his performance is not much reduced, it can increase your minute volume to normal, so that a balance is reached with normal blood circulation in the systemic circulation, but high blood pressure in the small. When the evils of the left ventricle and hypertension, this first stage of heart failure, and at the same time and compensation can be kept for a long time and lead to hypertrophy and tonogennomu expansion of the right ventricle. The further held that state faster exhausted the reserve forces and compensatory factors right heart, the more noticeable developing venous hypertension in the systemic circulation, liver congestion, abdominal organs, edema in the lower extremities, ascites and all the other consequences.

When it comes right ventricular failure, liver, blood vessels and other organs that are closer to the heart, the first overflow of venous blood. They shall be part of the blood. Especially liver blood overflow, deposited about 1.5 liters of blood (hepatic veins have no valves, and thus do not impede venous backflow of blood to the liver). Rev. these phenomena are of great importance in compensatory heart failure.

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